Thursday, April 8, 2010


I dunno why, dunno what dunno how dunno when made me felt OME. Haizzz. I did a analysis on the reasons that causes my OME-ness.
1) ManUtD exit from UEFACL due to some stupid red card and lanjiao away goal rules that should have be their advantage. DAMNIT!
2) Mahai today play HoN 7 games 7 games also got retarded Pinoyssssssss....lost all 7 games...CCB...PSR from 1675 drop till 1611.. WTF
3) Hmmmm...i dunno whether i shud emo on this anot...i seriously dunno WTF happened...haiz...everything jz suddenly disappeared and she even close up my call..What is going on MAN? D:


Signing off Duty,
Sukhon Lee Scott

Monday, March 29, 2010

Random =]

Another boring dayyyyyy haiz. Ohyea. Suppose to go karaoke today but kyle and mark cannot so call it off. SIen. I want to cheong k ar!!!!!

Came home and had a nap den login Hon. STupid S2 go upgrade server cant play for da whole day. ROFLMFAOWTFBBQ. Haiz. Had a mix scrim vf superman*!,sync,vesperz and richie. They're all good players. Had fun playin vf them but we kena tapau in crash. Damnit! Gonna start train my COD4 again. Screw u big AK im gonna stick back to SMG player.

Talk to her on da phone. Wondering what is in her mind? Hmmm. R we thinkin da same things? 每天爱你多一些 =] Miss her <3.

Signing Off Duty,
Sukhon <3

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Damnit went to lowyat today. Saw the freaking hot show girls in Avira anti-virus grand launching. HMMMMMM. Im gonna start working in this kind of jobs. As a promoter. LMAO.
Got my sister laptop repaired and bought some freaking big bottle hair shampoo HAHAHAHA we ran around 45 mins in sungai wang to find the shop and finally we found it. LOL. Was damn tired when i reached home. WHAT?! Tired said by me? HAHAHAHAHA.

Went out for dinner vf family. Halfway eating,it started raining and it took us only 10mins to finish our whole meal. Incredible? Awesome? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Was checking mail and saw a mail which is quite meaningful. HMM. sharing it now =]
Download it and read.

Signing off Duty,

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Okay wait. U must be wondering why is't untitled? Hmmm cause i dunno what to write for my title. Yay!! cant wait for karaoke with them next monday...wanna sing

" Woah Woah,They're telling me it's beautiful
I believe them but will i ever know
The world behind my wall?"

Just feel like dis line of lyrics suits me alot.
Hmmmm. Nothing much in my life.
My hand and ass still pain thanks to my stupid dog - Toby.

Signing off Duty,

Monday, March 15, 2010

F1 ♥

Yayyyyyyy. Last minute got my 813 back last night. Thx to astro for the fast resubscribe. Yeah! Watched it under air-con and coke xD. Im still upset that Kimi din get to drive this season. Damnit! Congrats to ferarri and the dude that came back to competitive F1 again,ure still the goddamn legend of F1 xDD

Dunno why feeling like crying this few days. My life's pretty good but i still feel that way. Damnit what is going on with me? =_______= EMO EMO EMO!

Damnit dis few days cant stop playing Hon (Heroes of Newerth) my stupid PSR got dragged down to 1518. WTFFFFFFFFF

That's all for today hmmmmmmm ciaoz!

Signing off Duty,

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Lol. After 4 months and 9 days,i finally resurrect my dead blog. I dunno why suddenly i just feel like rewriting the whole freaking blog. I bet ppl will say my blog is like a "essay sharing website' LOL but ppl who knows me know how talkative am i that's why i hav to write all the things i wanna say =P Ciaoz xD

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy MOONCAKE FestivaL!

Yo People...Guess what day is it...15/8 if u are all chinese reader den u'll know what i mean. I always got morning blue but not today cause there's some competition up for us in ROCK cafe...many say that SRC is my second home...=(...i dont go CC that often larrrrrr...So we did actually played 2 games for that competition u know,we won da first one and lost da second one.

Well,both me n MeoW also found da "ohm" back to play dota and really feel like building up a team to play against others. There are still alot to learn for us and hope anyone interested in playin DotA competitively contact me.
Well, went home with shen and slept until 5 since fam dinner starting at 5:30. It was really bored if yknow what happened.

Headed to kenlee's BBQ party in SAM's CNN provided ROFLcopter right afta that and we bought some chicken wings in OUG since KenLee aka IceBergPrince claimed that there's insufficient food for us and i bet wat's in his mind was 50++ guests coming because there was HOLYSHIT piles of food. We started eating when we reached and i bet everyone enjoyed that night because there's foods, drinks and JOKES!.YES JOKES such as END GAME moment, Sam(darius leong or CNN) Apologize(credited to OneRepublic)'s moment.

Okay people. I'll briefly explain our game. It's like everyone muz start with one artist name and start calling people's name to sing any song by that artist and afta that was free session. U can choose any song u like. Sam first goes with paparazzi and pokerface and he did fine but the epic moment was when Sam chose OneRepublic - Apologize and he goes like "It is too late to apologize" 1sec pause "It is too late" 1 sec pause. It's freaking goddamnit funny if u can imagine like he's giving a speech and da speech is made up of lyrics. OMFG. Epic weih XD

Around 1 and that's da punch card time for everyone of us then we camwhore awhile with the ah mat switching on and off of his headlamps den headed back home. I' d say it was a fun night. <3
MeoW and Sheep eating french fries.

Wow. Golden balls!(credit to KINTAMA)